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#WeWantToKnow: Courtney Taylor, Psychic Counselor

Courtney Taylor is not your typical psychic medium — in fact, she prefers the term modern-day psychic counselor, as her approach to counseling clients combines her scientific background in social work with her gifts for clairaudience and clairvoyance. When I met with Courtney, she could immediately sense that I was skeptical with an open mind about her abilities (she was right), but my beliefs (or lack thereof) aside, it’s how Courtney uses the unique way that she perceives the world to help others that fascinates me. Equally fascinating is how Courtney discovered her abilities and how she worked them into her career — I was rapt with attention listening to her psychic journey and I’m honoured to introduce Courtney and share her story. 

Courtney had her first clairvoyant experience when she was just 7 years old and woke up in the middle of the night to find the shadow of a ghost, a little boy, appear at the end of her bed. She was alarmed at first, but it also felt natural to have seen him. Even before having that vision and throughout her life, Courtney always had the sense that she knew things before they happened. She didn’t pay too much attention to her gift, though, and focused on her career as a social worker, but all the while she would help friends who asked for her advice (“Can you look into something for me and give me insight?”). Courtney began to get word-of-mouth referrals because of this and it eventually led to people outside of her friend circle asking for her advice and wanting to do sessions with her, but it wasn’t until a significant experience gave Courtney the impetus to work her psychic abilities into her career. 

Courtney, who has had lifelong struggles with mental health (for which she is an advocate for today), was going through a very low period in her life when she received her moment of clarity to use her gift more completely. Her mother recognized that she wasn’t doing well and urged Courtney to move back home to Ottawa from Toronto. While in Ottawa, Courtney reluctantly accompanied her mother to a spiritualist community gathering, and the guest speaker there picked up on her energy, singled her out of the crowd, and told her that she was gifted and that she needed to start using her gifts. This was the catalyst that transformed Courtney’s life and career, and she now provides psychic counseling to clients within the framework of the social work methods that she had already been utilizing. Courtney has been offering psychic counseling for close to eight years now, and incorporates four elements into her sessions: her social work counseling and psychic insight as mentioned, combined with energy work (Courtney is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher) and crystal therapy. Though she has both abilities, Courtney considers herself more of a clairaudient than a clairvoyant (that is, her messages come to her through what she hears as opposed seeing visions) and has what she calls her ‘spirit guides’ who give her the messages that help her clients. 

Courtney bursts with positive energy when she talks about her clients (confidentially, of course) and is so passionate about her work — she feels so rewarded that her clients put their trust in her and in her spirit guides. She’s received immensely positive feedback from clients who are so grateful for the counseling they’ve received and the way it changed their lives for the better. Her vibe is joyfully infectious and I was excited and eager to learn from Courtney, especially when it came to her crystal therapy — she taught me a lot about crystals and I’ve since picked up a couple that Courtney suggested to me, which I’ve been dutifully wearing in my bra (!) on her recommendation (crystals offer the most benefit when they are touching your skin). I’m excited to see the positive effects they are known to bring. I may have walked into meeting Courtney as a “skeptic with an open mind,” but I certainly walked away feeling more enlightened, and I’ll never know if it was coincidence or not but something she predicted for me has since come true. 😉 If you think Courtney’s services might help you, visit her website here

Want more? Here’s what #WeWantToKnow about Courtney: 

I can’t start my morning without… morning cat cuddles. He’s the best kind of alarm clock. 🙂 

I have a weakness for… poutine. Such a Canadian thing to say. 

Most people don’t know that… I’m a redhead. 

Currently reading… everyone’s minds! I just couldn’t not throw that one in here! 

An important lesson I learned from a challenge I faced… I can’t save everyone else, especially if not taking care of me at the same time. If I expect people to let me in to their world, I’m learning to let people in. It’s a challenge a lot of people can relate to I’m sure. 

I want… to keep advocating for the mental health community. I’m so excited about some of my big projects coming up, that will be raising funds for charities who provide support to those who are in need of immediate care. I want to be part of the bigger goal and that’s to eliminate the stigma.

Thank you, Courtney, for participating in #WeWantToKnow! It was a pleasure hearing your story and getting to know you. 

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